Brand Strategy

Brand strategy has increased in complexity due to seismic shifts in retail, technology, and advertising. Consumer behaviors and expectations are changing dramatically, and brands must respond cleverly to maintain share and emotional relevance.

Clients trust Department26 to uncover emerging behaviors, reveal rare insights, and provide effective strategies to deliver growth in a complex and uncertain world.


Branding services include:


Brand Position

In a highly dynamic market, your brand position is all about showing relevancy, offering a larger enthusiasm that your brand can own and your competitors’ brands cannot. Our proprietary framework helps deliver your brand’s unique strengths, and identify ways to innovate that strengthen and solidify the resonance of your position. This is not a static game. Any position must fully consider the likely trajectory of competitors, relevant technological change, and human behavior.


Brand Architecture

How a brand is structured, whether by benefit, demographic, feature, or ingredient, is a decision that becomes increasingly complex as a brand evolves. Our approach starts with the consumer interpretation of the architecture and the context of the competition. This can dramatically clarify architecture decisions when brand leaders are considering a significant change.


Consumer Decision Analysis

Consumer habits are being disrupted as buying habits explode and competition for consumer attention escalates. Department26 focuses on decoding the evolution of consumer decisions, identifying potential threats, and distinguishing near future opportunities. This analysis helps brands discover new methods for getting more sales from existing users and winning new users.


Choice Design

How brand choices are presented to consumers can have a significant effect on what is actually chosen. As competition continues to escalate, choice design becomes critical. We deploy our expertise in behavioral science to help brands strategically design choices which more closely align with how emotional decisions are actually made.



Challenging the status quo to deliver innovation is central to the success of brands. Department26 has led hundreds of innovation sessions for multidisciplinary teams. We offer unorthodox interventions that use everything and anything to spur valuable new ideas for brands.