Behavioral Strategy

Everyone has a strategy. Yet increasingly, success in execution depends on people quickly changing established habits and behaviors, usually within a shifting environment. Anyone who has ever tried to diet or quit smoking knows how hard this can be. Now imagine doing it while moving house.

To motivate behavior change with a minimum of friction, it’s critical to employ the science behind it. Department26 has deep expertise in influencing behavior change and in creating a path of least resistance. We have helped respected organizations successfully apply this science to critical challenges in a wide range of situations.


Applications include:


Culture Innovation

The culture of any organization is simply “the way we do things around here.” It is formed in response to the actions and behavioral norms of a group of individuals working together - it is a result. As such, culture is the “shadow” of the organization; it won’t become more innovative until the people in the organization adopt and sustain more innovative habits and practices.

Our wide cultural experience allows us to quickly translate desired results into a science-led behavioral strategy designed to motivate key actions, encourage their repetition so they become new behaviors, and influence others to copy these behaviors so they will become culture.


Transformation Efforts

Once an infrequent event in the life of an organization, transformations are now nearly annual events in “disruptive” industries. These are human events, and the human psychology at the heart of a transformation often produces friction which slows or stalls these efforts. This introduces anxiety and fear into an already uncertain environment, and momentum is often lost.

In these instances, regaining momentum or restarting forward movement will require an intervention.

The challenging part of crafting the right intervention is to take the organization’s desired outcome and convert it into a behaviorally designed outcome, in the form of a few catalytic actions ready for immediate implementation.